Kindergarten Skills Part 2


This is Part 2 of our Kindergarten skills post!  Are you ready?   Will your child be entering kindergarten next year?

  1. Opening and inserting straws can go along with number six in the last post, but it needs its own section.  If your child brings juice boxes to school, they will need to know how to open the straw and insert it into their juice box.
  1. Zipping up their coats in the winter is especially important.  If a teacher has to zip up every coat on all of the children before going outside for recess, they will barely have any time to play since most of their recess time was spent zipping up coats.
  1. One skill we all need to work on with our children is cleaning up after themselves.  Once they are in school, the teacher will expect them to clean up their messes in the toys section, arts and crafts, lunch, snack time, school supplies, etc.
  1. Something that can be very difficult to master at such a young age is when children try to tie their own shoes.  It is a hard task, even for some adults! If your child cannot do this yet, don’t sweat it! It is not a big deal, but it is something you will want to continue working on with them so they can eventually do it themselves.   If you are concerned about them being able to tie their shoes when they come undone at school, send your child in with some Velcro shoes. They are much easier to handle, and you can still work on shoe ties at home. They will be so proud when they accomplish that skill!

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What are some other tips you have for parents getting ready to send their children into kindergarten? Do you have any skills you worked on with your child that did not make our list?  Let us know!

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