Does Your School Participate In The Fun Run?

Bobby was very excited to sign up to participate in the annual school Fun Run!  All third and fourth graders are elgible to run in this event.  Bobby has been waiting for two years to run in this event and was so excited to particpate.  I am thrilled that my kids like to participate in physical fitness activities, you can see that by the picture that I took above.  Bobby was running past me the first time and I must have snapped the picture too late.  What can I say, Bobby was so lightning fast that he outran my iPhone’s camera capabilities!  We all laughed once the race was over and we began looking at the photos on my phone and Bobby was nowhere to be seen in the above picture.

Bobby Fun Run Line

The Fun Run took place at the highschool and all the kids were super stoked when it was their time to run.  The race started with third grade girls, then third grade boys and so on.  Above you can see a shot from the finish line.  Bobby is on his way to cross the line, hear his time and receive his Fun Run Completion Ribbon.

Bobby Fun Run Complete

He is now finished with the Fun Run and ready for a water break.  His plan was to jog the entire time so that he wouldn’t lose his endurance.  Once the race was over, he wished he could go back and sprint the full time since the course ended up being short of the mile course that he had been prepared to run.

Bobby Fun Run Finished

It’s time to head home, rest up for an hour and smash his basketball tryouts!  Bobby is very athletic minded and loves competition.

Does your area school participate in the Fun Run?  If so, have you ever watched this fun activity?

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