School Red Ribbon Week

This week is Red Ribbon Week at school.  Each day of the week has a different theme.

Monday’s theme was “Drug Ruins Dreams.” On this day, the kids could wear pajamas to school.Bobby blue hair

Tuesday’s theme was “Hairs to a Drug Free Life.” This was Crazy Hair Day.  Bobby was thrilled about this day, he wanted to test out the blue hair color we found in our hall closet while we were decluttering.

Bobby fish

Wednesday’s theme was “Red Out,” where the school asked the kids to wear as much red asthey could.  Above is a picture of Bobby after school fishing down at the pond in his “red gear.” He loves his fishing!  He is going to miss it once “fishing weather” fizzles out.

Today’s theme is “Life is a work of Art, color it drug free.” The kids are supposed to wear bright colorsto school.

Friday is the last day of Red Ribbon Week and is themed as “Run away from Drugs.” For this day, the kids are supposed to wear your running shoes!  This day will be no different as Bobby hardly ever goes out when he’s not in his running shoes, but a lot of the girls like their sandals.

Does your school participate in Red Ribbon Week? Does your school have daily themed activities that “fire kids” up about the message they are learning throughout Red Ribbon Week? I can remember celebrating Red Ribbon Week at school as a little girl but we never had themed days such as crazy sock day, crazy hair day, etc.


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