How To Stay Organized Everyday


No need for a “cute” grocery list, just get it done!

In this day and age, it can be so hard to stay organized every day.  Something may come up, a phone call may throw you off, and the possibilities are endless.  I have a few tips to help you stay organized every day.  Hopefully they help!

The first thing you need to do is start prepping the night before.  Do a quick pick-up throughout the house.  Clear off the counters, take out the trash, do the dirty dishes and put them away after drying them, etc.  If you tackle the small messes the night before, your house will be clean and ready for the next day!  Personally I hate waking up to a full trashcan and a sink full of dishes.  Of course there are exceptions – like I said earlier; life happens!

Next, write out your to-do list for the next day.  If you know you have any appointments the next day, write them down!  I have missed an appointment or two because I have been so busy trying to remember everything I had to do that day. If you plan on going grocery shopping, write down everything you plan on buying so you do not forget anything and have to make a second trip to the store!

Something else I try to do is plan my dinner for the next day.  If I end up getting home late for any reason, I start to stress because I wasn’t prepared to make a last-minute dinner for my family.  I have two boys and a husband and they are hungry!  I want to make sure my family is fed and that I am prepared no matter what.

The next day, I try and tackle my to-do list with “scheduled” breaks.  I will set my timer for 30 minutes and work on the first thing on my list.  After 30 minutes, I will set my timer for 10 minutes and take a quick break.  After my 10 minutes are up, another 30 minutes on the timer means it’s time to concentrate and tackle more things on my list.  It’s easy to stay organized daily if you stick to a quick routine the night before!

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