Tomato Sauce – On Pizza?


This past weekend, my son and I attended a birthday party at the bowling alley for an eight year old boy.  Everyone met at the bowling alley, got fitted for shoes, bowled a game and went to the party room for pizza, cake and to watch the birthday boy open his gifts.

Pizza was served and one of the kids mentioned “tomato sauce.”  One little boy pushed his pizza aside and said “I can’t eat tomato sauce!”  We told him that tomato sauce usually always came on pizza and he said “I knew I ate red sauce, but I never knew it was tomato sauce.”  He thought about this for a minute, then grabbed the pizza up and finished it quickly.  The thought of eating a tomato almost ruined his appetite.  I wonder if he went home asking his parents if they knew that the red sauce on pizza had tomatoes in it?

The birthday cake was chocolate and personally made and decorated by the birthday boy’s fourth grade sister.  I skipped the pizza, but made sure to eat a piece of her cake.  It was very good, but of course, there had to be two eight year old boys who rudely said the cake was horrible because it didn’t look professionally made.  I hated it that the two boys said that about her cake after she was so proud of it, but their parent’s weren’t around so they weren’t worried about their manners.

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Did you ever drop your children off at parties when they were younger or did you stay with them throughout the party time?

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  1. I have done both. Usually if it at the child’s home I will stay with my kids. If it is at a park I may drop them off and come back in an hour, giving them an hour to enjoy the park before the party starts. I don’t like leaving my kids at other people’s homes where I do not really know the parents or family of the other child. I’ve been to parties where the people had lots of dogs kept them loose while having the party which made some kids very scared or never turned on the AC or heat even though the house was obviously needing it. I prefer to stay with my kids but as they get older I noticed more and more the parents are leaving the kids at the party and leaving, returning in an hour or two to pick them up.

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