Two Ways To Keep Your Home’s Air Clean

Germguardian unit

As a mom, it is important to me that I keep our home air clean for our family.  In order to do this, we use air purifiers in our home.  Some air purifiers can be large and in the way, but they also have great tower shaped air purifiers that are perfect for placing throughout your home without taking up too much room.  Our air purifier is great for improving indoor air quality and reducing unwanted contaminants such as pollen, pet dander; even the foul smell that flows from the kitchen when we steam broccoli.  We ask that people not smoke in our home, but if they did, I would also count on our air purifier to snuff out the cigarette smell in our home.

The pollen can get so thick and horrible here in Texas and when this happens, it affects our whole family.  You know when this is happening because you can see a thin layer of yellow pollen across most everyone’s cars.  Our air purifier notifies us with a light when it is time to swap out the filter which I make sure to change out as needed.  Since I don’t have much time for local shopping, I order our air purifier filters online and keep one on hand at all times.

Since the cool weather is upon us, you may also want to use a humidifier in your home.  Using a humidifier in your home can help with the itching that comes along with itchy, dry winter skin.  A good humidifier will add moisture into your home’s air to make it more comfortable for everyone.  My husband gets nosebleeds every year as the cool weather comes in so we keep a humidifier going in our bedroom near his side of the bed.  Each night before going to bed, I check on the water level in his machine and that’s about it for the upkeep on his humidifier.  Trust me, I’d much rather fill his humidifier up with water every two days than I would like to spend my time washing blood from his pillow case due to nightly wintertime nosebleeds.

No one in our family has issues with snoring, but I have heard it said that having a dry throat can bring on additional snoring.  You see all those snoring commercials on television where the spouse can’t sleep due to the irritation of the loud snoring from their partner.  I’m glad this isn’t the case at our house, but if it was, I’d definitely give a humidifier a try before going through too drastic measures.  I can’t see my husband wearing breathing strips at night.

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