Use Your “Special Stuff!”

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Do you save things for a special occasion?  If so, this is how I gained so much clutter around my house.  Thank goodness I read a de-cluttering book that “woke me up!”  I saved everything instead of enjoying it.  For example, I used to sell Scentsy from 2012 -2013 so I have TONS of scent packs and the Scentsy sample kit shown above.  I never wanted to burn any scents when I wasn’t in that particular room, so my Scentsy warmer only got used at night while we were in the living room watching television.  I would use my coupons for great sales at Bath and Body Works, but would save my special lotion /body spray for special occasions instead of using it on a daily basis so that I could enjoy it.  You can imagine how dissapointed I was when I started declutting my hallway closet and found bottles of VERY old Bath and Body work lotion that had gone bad from years of storage.  Life is too short to hold onto all this stuff.  I have decided that if I don’t plan on using a product on a regular basis, then I do not need to purchase it.

As far as gifts go, I need to use that item or regift it.  I need to stop storing these items for later usage.  We got married twenty years ago and a few years ago I found a brand new mixer that we had received for a wedding gift that I never used.  It has turned out to be my favorite mixer.  I could have been enjoying this twenty years ago instead of hauling it around from house to house in it’s unopened package as we moved from home to home.

Point is, stop hoarding your things, use them and enjoy them!

Do you currently have items that are being saved for a special occasion?  If so, when is the last time they were used?

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    1. I have a closet full of craft items that could topple over at any time! It’s definitely time to clean that out, but when you love to save your things for future use, it’s a hard thing to do!

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