Your Children Are Watching!


As mothers, we set the example for our children.  There are six things our children must see us doing:

  1. Expressing love.  We have the power to infuse our child with love and security in a world that is full of hostility and neglect.  They may see the ugly things happening outside, but they must know they are always safe and loved in our arms.
  2. Doing what we love.  When we become parents, our time is consumed with laundry, picking up toys, packing lunches and cleaning the home.  We stop doing what we once loved.  We stopped playing the piano, sewing, singing, reading books, etc. Our children need to see us doing what we love!  We want our children to be passionate, creative little people.  If they watch us doing what we are passionate about, they will find their passion and stick to it as well.
  3. Being a cheerleader.  I’m not saying to go grab a tiny skirt and some pom poms.  I’m saying we need our kids to know we are their number one fans!  We need to cheer them on at their sporting events, compliment their efforts and praise their accomplishments.
  4. Going with our gut.  If my son wants to sleep over at someone’s house but I do not feel right about it, I will make sure to say “no,” and then explain why I said no.  I want them to know I care about their safety and that I am not just being a mean mom.  If they see us making tough decisions, they will do that as well.
  5. Loving our bodies.  Insecurity and body shaming is something that happens all too often these days.  If a mother expresses how fat or frumpy she feels in front of her daughter, her daughter will think it is normal to talk down about her body, too.
  6. Letting loose.  Being a mom is a tough job, but it doesn’t always have to be serious.  Let loose and play that game of twister your child has been begging you to play.  Get crazy with monopoly and laugh when he knocks your hotel over!  Your kids need to see that you have fun with them!  It makes them realize they are loved.

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Don’t forget those hugs and compliments.  Each child is different and yearns for different types of attention from you.  Make time for them each day, they grow up TOO fast!

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