Be Prepared With #Giveaway ENDS 11/30

I was given a toddler DeChoker device to use in facilitating my review.  All opinons are mine and mine alone.
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Toddlers can turn ANYTHING into a choking hazard!  If you have a toddler at home you know that they put all sorts of things in their mouths.  Tons of toys, and even some foods, can be choking hazards and once you experience your toddler choking for the first time, it can scare you so badly that you do your best to keep every environment you bring your child into as safe as possible.  However, it just is not possible to toddler-proof every area of every place you step foot into.  That being said, it would be a great investment to purchase a toddler dechoker.  This is such an interesting product.  I have never heard of one until now.  I was asked to review this product to facilitate this review and I am so glad I get to spread awareness about this life-saving product.

This product is very easy to use and could potentially save your child’s life!  Simply lay your child on their back and tilt their head up while lifting their chin, as if you were about to administer CPR.  Next, you will insert the tube of the dechoker into their mouth.  The respirator face cap should be covering their mouth and nose, but not for any longer than three seconds at a time.  You will eventually end up pulling the plunger upwards toward you to help suck out any debris or obstruction from the child’s throat.  The plunger can be manipulated very easily.  It reminds me of a supershooter gun that we use for making cookies.  This is definitely a user friendly device! For more information, download the free Dechoker App.

Their Facebook page is full of wonderful stories and reviews and their Twitter profile is full of information and resources!  You can also watch how easy this product is to use through their videos.  The dechoker is powerful enough to suck a marble out of a water bottle.  This is especially important because marbles are one of the most popular items children like to stick in their mouths.

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This dechoker is small enough to carry around in a large diaper bag or oversized purse so convenience is definitely a positive factor with this product.  This is considered a Class 1 medical device and it has been FDA approved.  Any child from the ages of 6 months to 5 years old can be helped with this device.  If you have any questions about this life saving device, feel free to contact them and they will be more than happy to help!  I highly recommend this product for anyone with a toddler in the home.  Just like toddlers say the strangest things, they also put the strangest things in their mouths.  Better safe than sorry!

DeChoker is giving away Dechoker Medical Devices to FIVE Lucky U.S. Winners.  Be sure to bookmark this giveaway and return daily to tweet it out for additional entries – good luck!

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