Crab Pot Trees Are Durable & Appealing

I received a Crab Pot Christmas Tree from in return for my honest review.  All opinions are mine alone. 
crab pot tree

I have to say that I was quite excited about reviewing this crab pot tree.  Our family loves decorating the house and the front yard for Christmas.  I read about the durability of these trees and couldn’t wait to get this for our front porch. These crab pot trees are made from PVX coated crab pot wire and are also fireproof and weatherproof.  You know these trees are durable when the website states that these trees are also great for docks and piers.  The tree you see above that we reviewed stands three feet tall and comes with 200 total lights.  It also comes with stakes for securing in the yard as well as replacement light bulbs.

crab pot tree box

This is by far the easiest Christmas Tree that I’ve assembled and it comes in a great box that can be used for storage throughout the year while your Crab Pot Tree is not in use.  All you do with this tree, is remove it from the box, swirl the tree around until both ends meet, use the green twist ties to connect the tree together and plug it in.  The green twist ties are already attached to the tree for easy assembly.  Yes, I need to say it again, I am quite impressed with this Crab Pot Tree.

crab pot tree back box

The customer service department from is very helpful and friendly.  I had a question about our tree when I first opened the box and their customer service rep was very courteous and eager to help me over the phone.  This is much better than the companies with automated services that put you on hold for extended period of time before assisting you.  Thank you Crab Pot Trees!

crab pot side box

Above you’ll see the information that is shown on the side of the box that the Crab Pot Tree was shipped in.  Again, these trees are great for both indoor and outdoor use since they have been constructed as a weatherprrof product. is generously offering up a 20% off coupon and FREE Shipping with the following promo code USFG

In order to use this coupon, visit and enter the promo code:  USFG

Have you been thinking about the Christmas Decorations you’d like to display this year?  Be sure to check into these Crab Pot Trees, they are truly worth looking into.

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