Dancing Is Not Just For The Professionals!


Have you ever watched a movie where the actors are dancing and they make it look so easy and so fun? Do you ever wish you could dance exactly like them, but you do not have enough faith in yourself? Lose that attitude about dancing! Dancing is fun and freeing, and anyone can sway side to side!

Dancing is fun! It is meant to make others happy and joyful. What if you are at a friend’s wedding and a handsome (or beautiful) stranger came up to you and asked you to dance? Would you turn them down? Would you go get your boogie on? Get out on that dance floor and do your thing!

Dancing is a form of freedom. You are able to express your feelings and ideas through dance. Dancing requires discipline, and that is liberating because it allows you to communicate in a new language. Think about it – if you are angry, you can jump around and slam your feet into the ground. If you are happy, you can twirl and leap around!

Something else to think about is just how healthy dancing can be. You burn calories and improve your posture when you dance. Dancing can also help your balance and agility.

One of the best things about dance is that it gives you human contact. This is a great way to get out and meet people! You may meet your new best friend, your future spouse or someone you meet up with once a week to dance with. Stay inspired and make dance a part of your every day routine. Turn some music on in the mornings while you are getting ready. You will find yourself dancing when you did not intend to dance in the first place. It is freeing and fun – give it a try!

Photo Credit:  www.dailystar.co.uk

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