DIY Simple Thanksgiving Crafts

It is that time of year again, ladies (and gents!) – the leaves are falling, the air is crisp and cool, Halloween is over and thoughts of sugar plums are dancing in everyone’s heads.  Many stores have already had Christmas decorations up for weeks, much to the chagrin of many shoppers.  However, why rush it?  Let’s have some fun before the lights go up and celebrate Thanksgiving with these festive crafts!

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Pinecone Turkey

You Will Need:

* Large pinecone

* Heavy card stock – brown, orange, red and yellow are all good colors

* Glue

To Create:

1 – Trace around your fingers on each color stock paper.  Cut out the traces. Note – this is REALLY fun for the kiddos!

2 – Put the finger cuttings together at the bottom and fan them out so they look like feathers.  Glue the stock paper together at the bottom of the feather traces.

3 – Make a half inch slit at the base of the tracings that you just glued together.  Insert that in the pine cone towards the fat end in the back and secure with glue.

4 – Cut an oval out of some card stock for the turkey’s head. Be sure to make it a little smaller on the bottom for the neck.  Draw an eye, and cut a piece of the red card stock into a triangle for the beak.  Assemble and glue to the front of the pine cone.


Dried corn kernals are a great addition to Fall Crafts, check out the Fall Centerpiece DIY below.  Photo Credit:

Simple Fall Centerpiece

You Will Need:

* Large platter

* Tall, thick candle

* Raffia or ribbon

* Dried corn kernels

* Small gourds

* Pinecones

* Glitter and snow spray (optional)

To Create:

1 – If using, spray your gourds and pinecones with the glitter spray. You can also spray them with snow spray if you like; mix it up to make them unique! Set aside on waxed paper until dry.

2 – Tie your raffia or ribbon into a bow 2/3 of the way down the candle. Set your candle where you want it on the tray.

2 – Spread the dried corn around the candle on the plate.

3 – Arrange the gourds and pinecones around the candle and voila – you now have a beautiful fall centerpiece for your table!


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Fall Wall Art for Under $10

You Will Need:

* Art canvas – choose what size you like

* Paintbrush

* Mod Podge (acts as both glue and a protective layer)

* Scissors

* Fall scrapbook paper

* Brayer (or pizza dough roller)

* Squirt bottle filled with water

To Create:

1 – Figure out how you would like to hang your art, direction-wise, and how you would like your papers to layer.

2 – Paint your canvas with Mod Podge, then lightly spray the back of the first paper with water. Fix it to the canvas and roll down with brayer or pizza roller.

3 – Cut out various pieces from your fall scrapbook paper and arrange as you like, layering with the Mod Podge.

4 – Seal with Mod Podge when finished; this acts as a varnish that holds everything together.

5 – Hang and enjoy!

Every single one of the above do-it-yourself decorations cost less than $10, yet add an ambiance that cannot be found in store-bought decorations.  The kids will love helping you with these projects, and your family and friends will be asking where you got these unique pieces!

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This guest post contribution is courtesy of The Ribbon Retreat, a craft site with many assorted ribbons, including grosgrain ribbon and offray ribbon and other crafting supplies for your weekend, school or holiday project!

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