Do You Dare To Dream?


We all have life goals and dreams, right?  How many people actually go after their dreams, though?  A lot of us tend to think our dreams are not realistic and they are just that, a dream.  You will never know what you can actually accomplish until you try!  When you dare to dream, there are many payoffs.

  • Liberation: Following your dreams can be very scary.  Will you fail?  Will the task be too hard?  Will you have enough time?  Once you stay with your dreams long enough and put in the effort to succeed, you will feel liberated!  You will finally be free of those fears you refused to face for so long.
  • Power: It is all yours.
  • Bliss: The universe moves in mysterious ways when you truly commit to finding and following your bliss!  Goeth and Joseph Campbell both said that, so it must be true.
  • Passion: Dreaming fuels passion, and passion itself is a potent fuel.  You will have the drive, determination and joy to pursue your dreams!  Passion is contagious.  Once others see how passionate you are, they will also act on their passions and goals.  You are actually helping others along with yourself. Go you!

So, what do we do to succeed and go after our dreams?  A few things.  Make it a routine to write down your dreams and goals every morning and every night.  New ideas come to us throughout the day.  Do not let them go to waste!  Go on a mini retreat.  Unplug your phone at home one afternoon or head to your local park bench and enjoy the calm, quiet and the scenery.  With a clear and focused mind, you can think about your dreams and decide what you want to do next. Entertain the possibilities and know that you CAN achieve anything you put your mind to!

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