DreamItReel Video Editing Service


Taking video is fun and capturing high quality footage is easier than ever. Whether using a GoPro, other HD camera, or just your cell phone, chances are you’ve taken plenty of video. But then what do you do with it?

This is why DreamItReel was created. We’re a video editing service that makes it easy to get your video footage crafted by a professional. We believe that your videos contain a story worth telling and our pro editors are ready to tell it.

Our website makes it easy to upload clips from your computer or device and tell us what you’re looking to create. Customer service is our number one priority so if you have questions or run into an issue, don’t hesitate to reach out – we’re always happy to help!

From there, a professional video storyteller will stitch your footage together with style and care. We’ll add music, title graphics, and work to get the most out of your clips.

Another thing we pride ourselves on is our versatility. We’ve worked on everything from family vacations to corporate commercials and can provide the right solution for any type of video.

Travel videos are a favorite of ours. Our editors excel at telling the story of a trip and making you feel like you’re there. The result is a perfect memento that will let you relive your vacation again and again. For many, your wedding video will be the most important video you’ll ever make. We understand that and work hard to create a video that brings your special day to life.

With the holiday season rapidly approaching, a video makes for a fun and unique gift. Dig up some old home videos or record something new to send a relative or loved one. We can even help you plan it out! DreamItReel is also used by a wide range of businesses and professionals as an affordable, easy to use alternative for video creation.  The bottom line is, no matter what kind of video you’re looking for, we have the experience to make it happen and the dedication to meet your expectations.

Visit DreamItReel.com or contact us now at general@dreamitreel.com to get started with your first video. Happy shooting!

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