Easy DIY Holiday Decorations


There are tons of ways to bring the holiday spirit to the holidays, however one of my favorite ways is decorating, especially DIY decorating!  This really helps me get in the spirit by being creative, and can be a fun activity to do with friends or family.  Photo Credit:  www.mnn.com

Here are some easy, cheap holiday decorations you can easily make at home:

At least here in Texas, pinecones are never in short supply.  You do not have to leave your front yard to find a basketful, and that’s almost all you need for our first decoration!  Just find a nice decorative bowl, fill it with pinecones and maybe some ornaments for color, and cover the pinecones in cinnamon oil, which you can find in specialty grocery stores or online.  It may not sound like much, but this will really fill a bathroom with a warm Christmas scent, and spirit!


Photo Credit:  merrybrides.tumblr.com

Another festive DIY that utilizes our vast resources of pinecones is decorating the pinecones themselves!  Fill some disposable bowls with gold paint, glitter paint, or any color paint you like and dip the pinecones in and once tried you can place them in bowls, on top of cabinets, or anywhere else that needs a little holiday cheer!

I sometimes get to missing the fresh outdoors in the wintertime, but a great way to combat this is with Poinsettias!  These red, pink, or white Mexican flowers liven up any home for Christmas and if you’re feeling extra festive you can make even more decorations from the Poinsettia’s themselves into wreaths, table centerpieces, and much more!

If you’re a gift wrapping re-user like me you likely have buckets of old bows in a closet somewhere, and a great creative way to use these is in a wreath!  Simply cut a donut shape out of cardboard or Styrofoam, and stick varying sizes, colors, and prints of gift bows around until it begins to take shape.  And if you’re worried about running out of gift-wrapping supplies, using the funny papers as wrapping paper is one of my favorite tricks!


Photo Credit:  www.limosinn.org

Finally, another great way DIY decoration can be found in your mailbox- Christmas cards! I love re-reading and looking at cards from loved ones throughout the holiday season, so a decorative way to save them can be lining a door frame with them, covering a wall in the shape of a tree, or pinning them on a clothesline.  If you’ve got some saved up from over the years it can also be a fun way to display the memories of Christmases past!

I’m thinking of finishing up my decorating for the holidays December 1st, after I finally wake up from my Thanksgiving turkey nap, when are y’all thinking of getting the holiday season started?

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