Everyone Needs A Norwex Window Cloth

Norwex Kit

I signed up to sell Norwex products and just received my starter kit as shown in the image above.  The first item I tried out was the purple window cleaning cloth.  I had a few mirrors that needed washed off and two places on our new front door windows that were driving my husband nuts.

door cropped

We recently upgraded our home and one of our projects was a new front door as shown above.  The door is beautiful, but the glass inserts had spots in between the glass so the glass had to be reordered.  Since the glass had to be reordered, the installers didn’t finish cleaning up our doors before they left.  Each glass panel had a series of numbers written on them in black marker that would NOT come off!  My husband has tried several cleaners and tons of elbow grease but couldn’t get the numbers to wash off.  Since we are getting new glass, I stopped worrying about the numbers but since I had this new Norwex Window Cloth to test, I figured this would be a great place to start!

Ribbet collage norwex window

Here’s the first set of numbers I tackled and the Norwex Window Cloth worked, I couldn’t believe it!  After all the cleaning products my husband used and this cute purple window cloth and water did the trick!

norwex door collage

Here’s the second set of “marker” numbers that I tackled on the glass inside our front door.  Again, the Norwex Window Cloth took care of the marker that we haven’t been able to remove since our new fron door was installed earlier this month.

My husband is probably thrilled that I decided to join ranks with Norwex and become a consultant.  He loves a clean home and I love to review products, so it’s a win-win for us both!

This window cloth would make a great gift for yourself or for that person that hates to wash windows!  I hate washing windows because I am always fighting streaks, but now that I’ve got a new purple Window Cleaning Cloth I don’t have to fight streaks anymore!

Norwex has many other products to check out.  Click Norwex Stain Remover to see how it helped me with an ink pen stain on my husband’s jeans.

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