Gifts Ideas for a College Student


Living away from home and taking on (some) new responsibilities can be an exciting and scary time for a college freshman.  Going back home for the holiday season is a welcome time for relaxation, pampering, and with these gifts students can bring some of that feeling back to school!

Care packages are a great little piece of home through the mail that students love.  Fill a small box with snacks, small toiletries (students have a tendency to forget their vitamins), school supplies, and maybe even something festive or a homemade treat!

Advocare Chews

Another luxury that dorm-dwellers will enjoy is a nice electric warming blanket.  The dorms can become ice boxes in the winter, and most don’t offer thermostat control, so a warm blanket is bliss for cold nights.  However some colleges do not allow them in dorms, so be sure to double check your student’s residence policies!

While some dorms do allow electric blankets, absolutely no dorms allow candles.  This, combined with the college lifestyle, can lead to some pretty funky smells in your student’s room.  Luckily there are several non-hazardous gifts to get rid of the funk!  Room sprays, cute scented wall plugs, and oil fragrance diffusers are all great options for keeping the dorm smelling more like a home and less like a locker room.

Glasstic on Stairs

Finally, a gift in your students’ school colors will never go wrong.  A nice sturdy water bottle, a lawn chair, a blanket with school colors is a great way to show your school pride. Especially for students who enjoy football season, finding a new way to wear your school spirit every week can be a challenge! Dresses, scarves, hats, sweaters in school colors are a perfect for when your student cheers on their team.

However the very best gift for a returning college student is always a hug and a warm meal!

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