Halloween Memories 2015

Halloween Travis Chair

Travis is now 15 and couldn’t wait to dress up and handy out Halloween candy last night.  He had strobe lights, a scary costume and a plan for the night.  He had so much fun, that he can’t to do it again next year.  When it got dark, trick or treater’s thought he was a fake person sitting in our chair.  He didn’t scare the young kids, but when the older ones came, he moved just a bit and they took off running!

Bobby Burke Halloween

Here’s Bobby on the left and his buddy Burke on the right.  They had a great time walking the streets and gathering candy with me last night.  The went to the doors and I dug through their stash and ate candy as we walked through our neighborhood.

Halloween Candy 2015

Once we were done gathering candy for the night, we came in and sorted all our loot.  Bobby and Burke shared with Travis and everyone had a blast!  A few late night trick or treaters stopped by and Burke and Bobby tried their hand at scaring for a bit.  We also rented the Jurassic World movie and pigged out on chocolate!  Now that Halloween Night has passed it’s time to get that candy out of the house or at least out of my reach before the extra pounds kick in.  Click on “5 Uses For Your Extra Halloween Candy” to see the ways we use our Halloween Candy once the special night is over.

How much candy do you have left over from Halloween Night?  What do you plan on doing with it?

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