How to Get a Great Night’s Sleep

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Are you struggling to sleep after a long day work? Well, this is quite a miserable situation to be in and it is well known that one should try and sleep eight hours. Lack of sleep may be associated by a number of things and activities, but there are ways in which one should do in order to get a great night’s sleep.
If you try to sleep and all is in vain, there are guidelines that you should follow to get enough sleep.
Most people normally eat a heavy dinner at night, a lot of carbohydrates and also proteins like meat. These types of food take time to be digested and therefore they should be consumed during the day when the body is active. When sleeping at night it is prudent to eat light meal like a salad, this will help you to get ample sleep because they are digested quickly. Heavy dinner makes one to feel uncomfortable while in bed but light one will enable a comfortable sleep.
Having a hot bath is very important in order to get sufficient sleep, but if you want to get a great night’s sleep, it is smart to bathe using some drops of lavender oil. This type of essential oil is believed to have great effects on the body, causing a better night’s sleep. Now you don’t have to worry if you don’t fall asleep; take a hot bath with lavender oil or Epsom salts and you will experience enjoyable sleep.
A day without physical exercise will make you feel groggy throughout the day. No exercise means lack of stimulation, so try and get some exercise in order to increase your sleep and reduce some of the stress that may hinder you in falling asleep. After a long workouts, it will be very easy to rest peacefully during bedtime and have enough sleep. In addition, 10 times deep breathing before sleeping will greatly influence a good night sleep.
For you to get great sleep, you need to get 20 to 40 minutes of direct sunlight a day. The sunlight helps in improving sleep hormones, thus enabling a wonderful sleep at night. Try to bask at noon time when the sun is very hot, you will definitely have an amusing slumber.
You can  try taking a hot bath using lavender oil, do some exercises, eat nuts and a light dinner, but doing all of this may not do the trick. If that’s the case, it’s important to look for a sleep specialist. This is because most of your sleep struggles may be associated with medical conditions. Once you understand your sleeping problems, it is important to talk to a doctor and get help.
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