National Geographic Kids Books #Giveaway ENDS 12/14

I received the following National Geographic book bundle to use in facilitating my review.  All opinions are mine alone.
National Geographic Bundle

Look at this amazing book bundle from National Geographic!  This entire book lot totals to a huge retail value of $1,215.00 and is featured in an awesome giveaway on  Read through the review and don’t forget to bookmark this post and get your extra entries in by tweeting the giveaway out daily.

If you child isn’t on board with reading, these books will be perfect for them.  We tried and tried to get our son to enjoy reading.  We took him to the bookstore over and over looking for books that would catch his attention.  We would buy the books, get them home from the store and they would stay in the bag until I took them out and put them on his shelf where they would gather dust.  We were out of ideas until a bundle of National Geographic books such as this set arrived at the house for my review.  Bobby was so thrilled to look through the cool pictures.  It was great to finally find a book that he was interested in.  Since he was not a reader, he couldn’t read the books to himself, but he could sit and lose himself in the photos and ask us to read parts to him.  Later on, we found out that Bobby was dsylexic, which made reading nearly impossible for him.  This was the answer behind his reading issues, but since then the school has placed him in a dsylexia program and he can now read on the appropriate reading level for his age.  He is so proud of himself and now even more thrilled than ever to receive this amazing book bundle from National Geographic that he can read through all by himself!

National Geographic Weird

Check out the covers of these full size, hardback National Geographic Kids books!  This is exactly why they catch a child’s interest each and every time!  Both Ultimate Weird But True (ages 8-12) and Ultimate Reptile-Opedia (ages 7-10) catch the attention of both of my boys, age 9 and 15, whereas a regular picture book appears to be for younger children and would go unopened while in our home.  For the 9 year old, having dsylexia always made him feel dumb and the books that he had to read always appeared to be “baby books” which added to his embarrassment.  If your child is in this boat and is embarrased to be carrying around “baby books” while their friends are caught up in chapter books or “big kid books,” I encourage you to pick up one of these books for your child and give it a try!  I am so glad that National Geographic Kids Books made it into our home!  They are a confidence booster for Bobby and the photos are constantly drawing him in for more.

National Geographic Norse

These two were great additions to this bundle.  Norse Mythology is definitely a new subject at our house and the poetry book is fun and filled with great eye catching photographs.

The Treasure of Norse Mythology is great for kids age 8-12.  Remember Thor and Loki, they are inside!  As for The Book of Nature Poetry, it would make the perfect teacher gift.  As a former elementary education teacher, I would have loved to have this poetry book in my classroom to share with my class to show that poetry can be fun too!

National Geographic Poem

Above you’ll see a page from the Book of Nature Poety.  What child can’t resist images like this?  That cows mouth and the snake creeping across the page definitely caught the attention of my nine year old son!

National Geographic Why

100 Things to Make You Happy is the perfect size for a stocking stuffer.  It is the only book out of this bundle that isn’t hardcover.  As for the full size book above, National Geographic Kids Why:  Over 1,111 Answers to Everything, this is perfect for our nine year old because the questions never seem to stop!  Now he can read find answers to tons of great questions!  Both of these books target kids ages 8-12.

The holidays will be here soon, don’t miss out on this awesome National Geographic Kids Book Bundle giveaway!  This is open to US readers age 18 and above.  Good luck everyone!


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  1. My three sons would be the lucky readers of these books! They all love science and fact based books and would really enjoy all of these!

  2. These would be for my daughter. She loves having something new to read. She even spent her tooth fairy money at the book fair! She would really like the Why and the Weird But True books.

  3. I have 2 grandsons and 1 great grandson all about the same age I would give several of these books to each of them but probably after I read them first I love national geographic

  4. My son who craves knowledge. He is gifted so does quite a but of independent learning.
    tvollowitz at aol dot com

  5. My daughters would be lucky readers, they love to read and each of them can find something interesting in this prize pack

  6. My grandson and my oldest granddaughter would get the books. They both love reading and like books like these. I know they would really enjoy them.

  7. If I were to win this great prize if would go to my 7 year old son. We homeschool and this would be an awesome and fun resource for learning that we otherwise couldn’t afford. He would love this! Thanks for the opportunity to win! 🙂

  8. I know I should probably say my daughter would be the one reading these, but I’ll admit that I would love to check them out too!

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