Take The Stage!


Are you the complete opposite of a confident and outgoing person?  If you are the shy and quiet type, I highly recommend that you attend an acting class.  This may be a long reach out of your comfort zone, but there is nothing more freeing than experiencing something so new and bizarre to you that you end up wanting to go back again and again!

When you attend an acting class, you are greeted with stagehands, other actors, makeup artists, and everyone else behind the scenes.  You are able to meet so many new people and connect with them on a much deeper level than if you were sitting at home looking out of your bedroom window at your neighbors outside socializing.

Find your voice!  Volunteer to do readings at your local library, lead a discussion somewhere or make a presentation at work.  Try anything that will get you comfortable with talking in front of others.  Find some local theater companies by looking through the entertainment listings in your local newspaper or the Yellow Pages and head to any of their performances.  You will get a real feel for the stage life!  You can also volunteer to work backstage at a performance so you can get a bird’s-eye view of what really goes on behind (and in front of) the curtain.

If you plan on auditioning for a role in a theater production, learn what you are expected to prepare.  Try to get a copy of the script in advance from the casting director or your local library.  When you arrive at your audition, listen and learn from what the director is saying.  If you are not the first to audition, pay attention to the auditions happening before you.  Use your observations to your advantage and think ahead about what you will do/not do.  Good luck!

Photo Credit:  www.fortlewis.edu

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