Travis’ Team Wins First Basketball Game Of The Season

Tonight was Travis’ first highschool basketball game of the season.  It was out of town, so the team rode on the bus while the parents met up with the kids before the game at the hosting school’s court.  I didn’t have much time to get ready this afternoon and really wanted to wear my new Jamberry nailwraps to the game, so I wrapped up one nail on each hand and shot out the door.

basketball wraps

Since the game was so early, we had to pick up Bobby from school early in order to make it to Travis’ game on time.  My husband videos the games for the school so we needed to make sure and be on time today. We got there on time, set up the tripod to hold my husband’s iPhone and we were ready for the game to begin.

Travis first sophomore game

The teams were both well matched up and lots of scrapping took place on the court.  It was an exciting game to watch.  I found myself wanting to stand up during the last few minutes of the game, as if that would help our team win!  It is such a great feeling watching your child be successful at something that he / she loves!

Sophomore team huddle

Above you’ll see our (green) team in a huddle planning their final moves.  If you look in the background you’ll see one of their opponents being checked out by this coach after a run-in on the court.  He was a little sore, but walked off the court by himself with no apparent injuries.

Travis shot basketball sophomore

It’s free throw time!  Travis practices his shots daily and does very well when it’s time to shoot his free throws…..swoosh!

Our team won the first game of the season, 46-42.  Hopefully we keep on winning, but if not, let the best team win!

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