Think BEFORE You Move Into A Top Floor Building


I was talking to a friend the other day and she could barely catch her breath.  She said she had just walked in her apartment door–BUT the elevator wasn’t working and she had to climb seven flights while carrying a very heavy pocketbook and a couple of bags of groceries.  Luckily it does not happen too often and usually she is still in her apartment so she stays home until it is fixed.  Of course if she absolutely has to go somewhere she walks down the seven flights and PRAYS that the elevator will be working on her return.  Then there is the pain of getting deliveries.

Now, those of us who live in a house don’t have this problem–we just walk outside our door and the packages are right there waiting on our porch or front step.  Not so in an apartment building.  Oh-there are times when her postman will ride up the elevator and drop the package at her door–BUT inevitably–if it is a HEAVY package she will find a slip in her mailbox.  She then has to get into her car and drive to the post office-pick up the package and somehow get it upstairs once she gets home.

Then, if you happen to live on the top floor-which she does–there is the matter of it getting too hot (in the summer) or too cold in the winter.  I thought heat was supposed to rise–guess not always! When it is summer those electricity bills can really mount up.

Of course there are advantages to living high up–the view is usually a lot better!!

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2 thoughts on “Think BEFORE You Move Into A Top Floor Building”

  1. I wouldn’t change living on the top floor for any reason. I almost forget that I have neighbors, it’s so quiet and that’s worth walking up three stories pregnant, taking out my dog five times a day and maybe a small increase in ac/heat.

    1. I am so glad to hear that you enjoy your top floor living. It’s great when you love where you live. We ive in an area where most everyone has two story homes with not much of a yard. When we first moved here, I wanted a one story, but not many of those are in this area due to the small yard sizes.

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