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How often do you find yourself online?  Would you like to try your hand at direct sales?  Did you know that some direct sales companies offer free sign ups?  I never knew that it was possible to join a company as a consultant or rep for free until I began looking into this myself.  Why not sign up as a rep to a company if you could grab your own personal discounts and have a chance at making money with online sales and a downline?

Here are two companies that I have found and signed up for myself.  Both of them offer free consultant websites, have no selling requirements and offer personal discounts which is a win-win for everyone! (As of 12/3 I saw that the legging site free sign up offer has swapped over to $25 sign up.)



Head over to my leggings-tunics site by clicking “Bobbie’s Leggings-Tunics” and click “Join Today” and scroll down to the page where you see “Join Now, It’s FREE” and hit buy now $0.00, check out and follow the directions to set up your ‘.  With all the hype over the “wild” leggings right now, this is the perfect company to sign up with.  You will receive your own personal discount as well as having the ability to sign up a downline and make sales without spending a dime out of your pocket unless you are doing some personal shopping through your website.



Linen World

Head over to my Linen World consultant page  and scroll down and click “Go To Linen World” so that you can check out all the neat product Linen World has to offer.  In order to sign up for your free website, you need to Click “Be A Consultant,” scroll to the bottom of the page and click Join Linen World For Free and fill in your personal information.

Please list Bobbie Michaels (me) as your consultant’s name / name of hostess.  Each time you sign up five accounts, Linen World awards you so I would greatly appreciate it if you would list me as your referral.

Once you have signed up, Linen World will send over an email with information on your consultant account and a code to use for 25% savings off personal orders.  Once you receive this email,  it will be time for you to do some personal shopping, share your link with your friends or invite others to sign up for a free Linen World account.

If you have any questions about either of these companies, be sure to leave me a message in the comments below and I will get back in touch with you.

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