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I received this Alphabet Photography from www.alphabetphotography.com to use in faciliting my review.  All opinions are mine alone.

When I first contacted about this review, I really didn’t know what I would do with one of these.  My kids are older and I didn’t think they would like it in their room and I didn’t know that it would look right in our home but I thought I could customize one that would work as a holiday gift so I accepted the review.  I started the ordering process on their site by typing in words to see how each would look.  This ended up being a fun process and I found myself on their site for a long time when my intention was to quickly create a gift that would work for many so I could decide who I would give it to once it arrived. Go ahead, try it out!  Click “Alphabet Photography” and type in your word inside the frame and click “create my word.” Once you see your word inside the frame, click on each letter to check out the available images.  If you see another image you’d rather use, just click on it and it will replace the letter that was chosen for you.  You can also choose to “shuffle letters” and the letters will be automatically shuffled around for you.

After playing around with different images, words and frames, I decided that I liked the look of the longer words and the espresso frame so I chose “Faith” as shown in the image above and completed my order.

alphabet frame

The Alphabet Photography arrived quickly and very packaged VERY well!  It was wrapped in tons of bubble wrap and neatly packaged for me as seen above.  At this point, I was getting pretty excited about opening this package up that I was intending on using as a holiday gift.  Upon first glance of this Alphabet Photography, I no longer wished to give this away.  This Alphabet Photography was AWESOME and way better than expected and it was MINE!

faith wall

I opened this package at five a.m. before getting my son up for school and my husband saw me open it and knew exactly where we should hang it.  In minutes, it was proudly hanging in our hallway.  Since this was all taking place at five a.m. you know that I had to be SUPER excited about this!  I was NUTS to be thinking about giving this away, this is gorgeous and not just for kids!  Since I customized this and put much thought into each photo that I used, my husband thought I had pieced it together myself.  In a way, that is true, except AlphabetPhotography.com did all the work, I just organized the images. THANK YOU AlphabetPhotography.com for such a great addition to our home!

F:  We had windows installed in our home this year and it was a huge ordeal, one that we will never forget.

A:  This letter just caught my attention and was tall like the others, so I grabbed it.

I:  We love to visit San Antonio where you can see “The Needle.”

T:  This letter just seemed to fit “Faith” well.

H:  We love to fish and be at the lake so this dock caught my attention.

Alphabet wall frame

Here’s a shot of the location of my new Faith Alphabet Photography.  The espresso frame and dark mat match my home perfectly!

alphabet thank you

Here’s the thank you card that came with my Alphabet Photography.  Everything about this customized frame made me happy from the ordering process all the way down to finding the Thank You card.  AlphabetPhotograhy.com is definitely a website I will be telling my friends about!

Here’s a quick video for you.  After receiving this customized frame, I HIGHLY recommend shopping AlphabetPhotography.com!

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