Basketball Wall Sticker From Icon Wall Stickers

I received the following basketball wall sticker from to use in faciliating my review.  All opinions are mine alone.
basketball wall sticker above desk

When asked if I would like to review one of the wall stickers from, I immediately searched for a basketball wall sticker for my son.  He loves basketball and I knew this would be the perfect wall sticker for us to review.  You can see the basketball wall sticker in the picture of his room above.  The wall sticker came in sections as shown above.  It fit perfectly above his study desk!

wall sticker roll

Here’s a view of the basketball wall sticker before we started applying it to his wall.  It came rolled up neatly inside a heavy duty rectangular cardboard packing box.

wall sticker on floor

Here’s a view of the basketball wall sticker once we had it laid out on the floor.  You can see the paper covering that protects the sticker and keeps it in place during the application process.

wall sticker half

I have applied several of these types of large wall stickers and each one takes time and comes with a little aggravation, but I am happy to say that our XL wall sticker from Icon Wall Stickers is still in place and looks great on his wall.  Our walls are textured which makes this application process even trickier.  Flat walls would be much easier to work with, but this wall sticker from Icon Wall Stickers was able to pass the “textured wall test.”  We have had wall stickers from the past that peel away from our walls and require us to rub them back on again over and over again due to the weight / ability of the sticker to stay on our walls, but this Icon Wall Sticker is still in place and passed the test!

Icon Wall Stickers offers many types of wall art from the following categories:

  • Home & Living
  • Wall Quotes
  • Kids & Children
  • People & Places
  • Animals
  • Sports & Hobbies
  • Transport
  • Laptop & Phone

As for wall sticker removal, no fear.  These stickers shouldn’t harm your walls / paint in any way.  We have used several of these in the boys rooms and have never had any harm come to our walls or paint due to sticker application or removal processes.

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