Become A Paint Slinger


How do you feel about painting?  Whether you are painting a picture or painting a wall, how does it make you feel?  Painting is a form of self-expression.  There is a reason people say a picture is worth a thousand words!  You might find that you can say things on a canvas that you cannot say out loud in person.  You can also paint your thoughts.  Sometimes it is hard to decipher what you are seeing in your mind or what you are thinking about or why you are thinking about that particular thing, but putting it on paper might help!  Painting will also give you an appreciation for art you might not have had before.  When you enter a museum or an art gallery, you might spend a little extra time at certain pieces because you feel passionate about them.

If you need some inspiration to find your muse in painting, there are plenty of places to find it!  There are usually many art centers in larger communities that have great beginner classes for painting.  You can also check local colleges and universities for extension classes that you can take.  You might even meet an artist willing to teach you how to begin painting from their personal studio.

Drawing classes are also great for painters.  Drawing is a learned skill that is so important when doing certain types of paintings.  If you have an art store nearby, walk in and ask them if they have any drawing or painting classes coming up. If so, dive right in and sign up!

When you start a project, you might get discouraged which is very normal.  Do not give up!  Even if you are unhappy with your start of the project, keep going because you will feel proud with the finalized painting.  Painting can also be very therapeutic.  Find a quiet area and pick up your paintbrush!

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