Cooking With Kids: Holiday Tradition

Boys Christmas Cookies 2015

Does your family have a favorite Christmas Tradition?  One of my favorite “family time” traditions includes holiday baking.  Each year we make cut out sugar cookies for Santa.  My boys are now 15 and 9 and still enjoy making these cookies with me.  It can be a very messy adventure but truly worth every drop of sugar or icing that smears across our clothing, the table or on the floor!  My mother passed away from cancer when I was 17, and one of the things I remember about her most is the holiday sweets we made together each year.  This is a tradition that I want to make sure and practice every year.

Sugar Cookies Christmas

Here’s a shot of a few of the Sugar Cookies once they had been decorated.  The kids would decorate, then eat, then go pass out cookies to everyone else.  It’s a good thing we made these Christmas Eve Night or else Santa may not have gotten any of these.  I had decluttered my pantry this past summer when we remodeled the kitchen and had thrown out the expired colored sugar.  Since I had lots of other fun edible cookie decorations, I didn’t buy any colored sugar and the teenager noticed.  I never realized how much he liked the colored sugar, so next time I had better be prepared with more colored sugar and less sprinkles.

Fudge on counter

Here’s a shot of my favorite Peanut Butter Fudge.  I also make this every year.  It is so easy and quick, which makes it great for gift giving.  This Peanut Butter Fudge Recipe only has four ingredients and turns out every time!  It’s not to late to whip up a batch of this for your New Year’s Eve Party!

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