Create the Perfect Spa Night


Sometimes life can get a little crazy, and when you feel yourself about to crack that’s when it’s time for an über relaxing spa night.  A great way to give yourself some TLC inside and out is through some bath and body pampering, so here is a short list on how to get relaxed:

Step one of a spa night is always a luxurious bath.  Shut the bathroom door, start running some hot water, and then add a little something extra to set the mood.  The little something extra can be big bubbles, a bath bomb, some candles, a glass of wine, bottle of Spark, soothing music, or whatever else will get you in a relaxed state of mind.  This night is all about you, so do whatever you want!

As you’re soaking in the tub take some time to give your skin the special treatments that sometimes get passed by in the day-to-day rush.  Exfoliate from head to toe, use a facemask, or just finally get around to shaving your legs.  Anything that makes you feel refreshed!

Now that you’re clean as a whistle it’s time for the next special treatment for your skin, deep deep moisturizing.  Get some coconut oil or a luxurious lotion, lather it on thick, and then cover yourself in a towel or old sweats and some socks. The combination of moisturizing directly out of the shower and then covering yourself will trap all the moisture into your skin, guaranteeing baby softness by the morning!

While your skin is deep conditioning feel free to go straight to sleep, or watch that show you’ve been meaning to check out and paint your nails!  However you like to find a little bit of calm amidst the rush, be sure to do it every once in a while.  Finding a little bit of sanctuary will make you feel better and help you tackle the challenges to come so why not take a spa night tonight?

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