Do Allergies Affect Your Family?

Does anyone in your family suffer from allergies?  Several years ago, when my husband and I lived in Louisiana, I had frequent migranes.  I taught school and would come home, lay in the bedroom in the dark, just feeling like death warmed over.  I can rememeber my husband coming in with Pop Tarts trying to get me to eat.  The only remedy for my migranes was to throw up.  This sounds gross, but it is what it is.  I could stare into the toilet water and throw up when these headaches struck and can also remember my husband asking me not to do that.  At the time, I was so sick and felt so horrible, I really didn’t care who saw or heard me do this, I just needed relief, then I’d eat his Pop Tart offering….LOL.

Now that we live in Texas, the migranes have stayed away and I am so happy for that.  When pollen strikes, allergies affect my husband and occassionally, I will have a slight “sinus” headache brought on by allergies. Headaches can slow you down and make you feel “blah” but I will take a sinus headache any day over a full blow migrane!

Dakota Bunk Bed

As far as indoor allergy triggers are concerned, how does pet dander affect your family?   We have an indoor dog and no issues in this department.  Her name is Dakota and she does shed, but nothing that our Dyson vaccum can’t handle. Did you know that burning firewood can affect allergies as well?  Damp firewood can draw in mold and the smoke from it when burning in your fireplace can cause issues for many.  Be sure that your damper is open in your fireplace before you light your fire to ensure that the smoke can exit your home as needed.  Is dry air an issue in your home?  Did you know that your heating system can play a role in drying out the air inside your home?  This could be the cause of my chapped lips, since dry air has been known to affect any sensitive skin around the areas of your nose and mouth.  I guess it’s time to bring the humidifier back out since the cold weather is finally reaching Texas.

This week is finals for my oldest and my third grader has a huge project due along with a few tests before Christmas Break arrives.  My teen is beginning to have a sore throat and my youngest has started coughing.  No one wants to be sick over Christmas Break, but they sure don’t want to get sick this last week of school and miss any of this testing.  So for now, we’re taking over the counter cold medicine, getting those vitamins in and I am busy dusting and cleaning up our house.  Hopefully all is well and we can enjoy our Christmas Break without any sickness once the kids have made it through this last week of testing.

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