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Did you take piano lessons as a child?  My piano teacher lived right down the street from the middle school, so twice a week, I would carry my piano folder to school with me and walk to her house for my afternoon lesson.  My parents were thrilled with this convenience and I was very good at the piano, but I really didn’t care for my teacher.  I practiced my piano lessons at home throughout the week and then dreaded my weekly lessons at my piano teacher’s home after school.  As an adult, I can see where this convenience thrilled my parents.  Having a nearby piano teacher that offered lessons right after school was priceless when it came to time management.

I still have my piano from my high school years.  It was a gift from my mother and never want to part with it.  I don’t have time to play, but I had it hauled upstairs to the guest room when we moved in our house eight years ago in hopes that no one here would ever  want to tackle getting it back down the steps. My boys would both like to learn how to play but there’s not a nearby piano teacher and unfortunately, I don’t have the time to teach them.  My piano experience has helped me many times in the past, so I would like my boys to learn it as well.  For example, I was able to take a test in college that allowed me to earn a music credit without having to take the class and I passed it with flying colors.  Even though I didn’t particularly like piano lessons with my piano teacher while growing up, I need to thank Mrs. Scott for that one!


I received an email last week that could be the answers to my dilemma.  Have you heard of HoffmanAcademy.com?  They offer piano unit materials online.  Click “Hoffman Academy Piano Unit One” to see lessons 1-20 that can be downloaded from their site.  This could be a great option for me!  It would keep me out of the local music store searching for the write music lessons for my boys.  It even comes with practice CD MP3’s that would allow them to hear the music beforehand to get a feel for the beat.  This is a great idea since the materials can be both downloaded and printed from home after purchase.  When I was a kid, I can remember the horrible feeling I got when I couldn’t track down my piano workbooks before leaving for school on piano lesson day.  If these types of options would have been available at that time, I could have reprinted my lesson from the internet and not had to frantically search through my room for my lesson workbooks.  This program would have also been a great option for my piano teacher.  She sold us workbooks, but they didn’t come with any audio help.  Many times I would get back home to study and would have a breakdown because I didn’t remember how the piece was supposed to sound.  Thank goodness my mother could read music or I would have had a much harder time with my weekly lessons.

Do you have someone in your family that is burning to learn how to play the piano?  Did you start lessons as a child, but quit taking lessons early on?  If so, make sure and take a look at HoffmanAcademy.com, the prices are affordable and they offer a great package of materials.  It would definitely be worth it to look into this option if piano lessons are in the future for someone in your family.

Did you know:

  • Hoffman Academy offers the video lessons for free, but materials are sold on their site.
  • Students will get the most out of using the materials in conjunction with the videos, but some learning can still occur through the video lessons.
  • Most students do best when they partake in two – three lessons per week.  Every other day is also a great time frame for lessons if the student is excited about learning.

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HoffmanAcademy is so excited about their printable / downloadable piano unit packages that they are offering a family size Unit 1 piano lesson package (up to 4 copies) to two lucky BlogWithMom readers that is valued over $25.00.

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