How Safe Is Your Garage Door?


Keeping your family safe will take some dedication and hard work on your part. While some hazards are obvious, others are not quite as plain to see. One area that’s often ignored by parents is the garage door. This massive fixture makes it easy to get in and out of your home, but it can turn into a death trap if there are problems with the springs or the opener is not working properly. Thankfully, there are experts such as those found at who can quickly rectify any issues and guarantee the safety of your garage door and by extension, your family.

Here are a few things you should be aware of along with tips for keeping your family safe:

Check the Closing Sensors
An Atlanta garage door opener will have special sensors that detect items in the door’s path. If anything is in the way, the door will remain open and a warning light will flash. If these sensors are not working, the door could close on top of a toy, car, or even a child. There are also pressure sensors to detect items that are overhanging the entrance without being in sight of the sensors. If the door encounters too much pressure, it should reverse action and reopen. Check the sensors your door a few times a year by putting a cardboard box in the path before closing the door. You can also let the handle on your lawnmower overhang the entrance when you close the door. In both cases, the door should reopen without causing any serious damage.

Listen to Your Door
The springs on your garage door are what allow you or the opener to lift the door with relative ease. If these break, the door can come crashing down. They keep the door balanced and help it work smoothly. Signs of worn springs include a door that stops while opening or seems to be crooked. The door may seem stretched out due to a lack of tension. If you see any of these problems, trust professionals like Superior garage doors for replacements. Without the proper tools training, there is a high risk of injury with this type of job, but it’s actually a very affordable repair.

In addition to babyproofing the interior of your home and checking the garage for stray chemicals, it’s important to pay some attention to the garage door. It’s estimated that 30,000 people are injured by a garage door every year, but you can keep your family safe and avoid high hospital bills by paying a little attention to what’s going on with your door.

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  1. Who knew that a bad functioning garage door could be so dangerous. Thanks for the helpful tips on how to keep my garage door running smoothly. I did not know that the number of people injured by a garage door every year was so high. I have been hit by a falling garage door before and i guess I am part of that 30,000. I know that i can prevent that from happening again by following the tips that you gave. Thanks!

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