Lebron James’ Fall Catches 9 Yr. Old’s Attention

My son Bobby is a huge basketball fan and loves to wear signature basketball shoes such as James Hardens, Kobe Bryants and Lebron James.  Last night as we were getting ready for bed, he heard about Lebron James’ fall into the crowd that caused the lady to be carried away on a stretcher.  He couldn’t believe what he had heard so he had me look it up online so he could watch it again.  We found a video clip of this and Bobby watched it over and over while tons of questions came to mind.

Bobby wanted to know if Lebron had told the lady and her husband that he was sorry, then he needed to know how much Lebron weighed.  He was very concerned with how much weight the lady had to endure on top of her when Lebron fell since he is such a big guy.  Then he started researching all his players’ body weights and shoe sizes.  It was very late at night and I didn’t see any end coming to his line of questions.

We talked about Lebron James and this lady for a very long time before he was content with the answers he received. He is also very curious if this lady and her husband are mad at Lebron and if they will ever sit so close to the players when attending basketball games in the future.  Make sure you watch the clip above if you are curious about Lebron’s fall into the crowd that has my son all revved up with questions and concern.

Do your kids have never ending question sessions? If so, do you remember what the last set of questions were about?

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