Solutions For Snoring Spouses


You love your spouse, but you really hate the snoring.  You have tried everything short of moving to another room to shut it out, including earplugs and playing soft music from your Bose speakers, but nothing works.  You wake up in the morning feeling as if you haven’t slept at all, and you cannot take much more of it.  What can you do?

Here are some solutions for snoring spouses you have to look into:


Yes, it sounds like a drastic step to you, but you could be saving your spouse’s life.  Some cases of snoring are due to a serious condition called obstructive sleep apnea.  It means that something is blocking your spouse’s airway during sleep. Snoring is the sound the air makes when it is struggling to get past whatever is blocking it.  Sometimes, it gets so bad that it has a permanent effect on your spouse’s health.  Consult with a specialist about the problem so you can get a proper diagnosis, and if the condition is serious enough to warrant surgical removal of the blockage.

Snoring aids

Some snoring aids are effective for some conditions.  These include special pillows that prevent your spouse from rolling to a prone position, which is a common cause of snoring.  There are also mouth guards and machines that keep the tongue from rolling back to the back of the mouth.  Ask your doctor for recommendations.

Separate rooms

If your spouse is not a candidate for surgery, and snore prevention remedies do not work, then the only solution is to sleep in separate rooms.  You need to get your rest, and enduring not sleeping will only make you resent your spouse over time.  Sleeping in separate rooms should not be a problem if you discuss it calmly and reasonably with your spouse.  Do not resort to assigning blame because your spouse cannot help the snoring.  You can still spend time with your spouse at night before bedtime, and see each other first thing in the morning.  You will learn to adjust to the new sleeping arrangement, and you can maintain the harmony of your marriage with a little effort.  It beats being a zombie for the rest of your life.

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