Story of Hope Necklace From Novica

I received a gift code from to use in selecting an item of my choice to use in facilitating my review.  All opinions are my own.


Above you’ll see the item that I chose to purchase with my gift code for my review.  It is called “Story of Hope” and was handcrafted in Rio de Janeiro.  I really wanted a long, unique necklace and this one caught my eye every time I came across it as I went back and forth through the jewelry offerings on the Novica website.  It is made from recycled paper and gem stones, which makes a great conversational piece.  I can’t say as that I have ever had any jewelry that I knew about that had been made from recycled magazines.

Bobbie Novica Necklace

Here’s a shot of me wearing my new “Story of Hope” necklace from Novica.  It went perfect with my outfit.  Sorry for the selfie, but my camera guy wasn’t anywhere around and sometimes a girl has to do what a girl has to do in order to get things done.  So for this review, I had to grab a selfie shot in order to show you how this handcrafted necklace from Brazil looked when worn.

Novica Card and Necklace

Here’s a shot of the necklace laid out full length with the gift pouch it arrived in along with the post card from the creator of my necklace.  I love the personal touch of the signed post card from Rio D Janeiro. Did you know that Novica,com is association with National Geographic? Novica’s mission is to spread happiness to both customers and worldwide artisans.

Novica card

Here’s a close up of the small book from Novica which told me a little about my new “Story of Hope” necklace, along with the personalized post card from the creator of the necklace.  After wearing the necklace, I have to say that I love it! It’s not just a pretty necklace, but one with a story behind it.  The personalization of the enclosed postcard really caught my attention.  It has made me want to head back over to and shop their site again. They offer items in the following categories:  Jewelry, Fashion, Home Decor, Paintings and unique gifts.

What types of items catch your interest?  Be sure to head over to and have a look around.

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