Strengthening the Bond Between You and Your Child

Strengthening the Bond Between You and your Child

The connection we share with our children is so profoundly explainable, words simply don’t do it justice.  As parents, establishing a strong connection is one of the most significant tools of influence we can provide our children; a strong relationship is also the most powerful asset our children have on us.

Your children trust you entirely and use your example to mold their way of thinking and decisions they choose to make.  But being as though we are only human, spending valuable time together isn’t always the easiest thing to achieve. Sometimes time is simply not on our side, and between work, school and extracurricular activities—providing advice, encouragement, empathy and even a hug is hard to come by.

Parenting is the toughest job on earth for a reason, and if you’re struggling to establish a stronger connection with your child, take a look at these following suggestions:

Physical Affection is Key

Your child might not always visibly show their affection to you, but inside, your touch is profound to her and greatly impactful.  Whenever you get the chance, hug, and do it often.  Before they walk out the door each morning to when they arrive back—hug them.  Words are less potent than physical comfort, so make sure that no matter the situation, that a hug is never underserved.

Spend Time Watching TV Together

Television is a wonderful mechanism to strengthen a family bond; especially in today’s world, where infinite channels of diverse entertainment exist at the touch of a button.  Struggling to find a subject that you and your little one can collectively enjoy, try Satellite TV packages with DIRECTV, which offers hundreds of unique options for parents and children to enjoy together.


Sometimes all you want to do after a long day of work is to relax, while your children go outside and play.  But by incorporating yourself into the “playing” environment your child will be absolutely thrilled and more-than-happy to involve you into their imaginative world.  Laughing, playing tag, climbing and even a little roughhousing is the perfect remedy to cure a gloomy day.  Encouraging yourself to play with your kids each day will not only strengthen your bond, but also will alleviate stress, release endorphins and support a healthy lifestyle.

Slow Down the Mundane

Every moment is precious when it is shared with your little one.  From letting her hose the flowers on a Sunday afternoon to letting her smell the herbs before you throw them into the frying pan.  Slow down and connect with your child with the things you usually wouldn’t consider bonding opportunities.

End the Day Together

As you’re tucking your little one to bed, spend a little extra time with them before they drift off to sleep.  May be it’s reciting a bedtime story your mother once told you, may be it’s a silly story about the fun things that happened during the day or may be it’s simply just laying there and being close.  Whatever you choose, bonding under the covers is an intimate opportunity for you to be the last thing they think about before the day is done.

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