What Your Teen Needs to Know Before College

College is the first step to adulthood, and while there are inevitably freshman (and senior) mistakes here are a few things your student should know before you send them off into the world:

Hygiene: college can be a very messy, dirty place.  There are several skills students’ need to keep their surroundings clean including how to do their laundry, how to remove stains from their clothes, how to hand wash their clothes (school washing machines and dryers can also be shrinkers and rippers), how to clean their dishes, and how often to wash their towels and sheets (more than once is a good start).


Photo Credit: mykidcraft.com

Microwave Cuisine: a lack of time, money, and kitchen can cause many students to eat poorly, however you would be surprised the number of yummy things you can make in a microwave!  Risotto, Nutella mug cake, oatmeal, baked potatoes, and eggs are just a few of the delicious and healthy things you can make in a dorm room besides Ramen noodles.

Wake-up: another essential skill some students (and adults) struggle with is waking up in the morning.  It can be incredibly tempting if the class has no attendance policy or your roommate is still sawing logs to sleep an extra hour or two, however the ability to drag yourself out of bed is an important life skill.  And if your roommate is still sleeping, try not to hit the snooze button too many times!

What other skills do you think teens need before college, or skills everyone needs for their lifetime?

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