Texas Cul De Sac Christmas Party


Will you be attending any holiday parties this year?  I was just invited to a Christmas party in the cul-de-sac this weekend.  That may not sound too fun due to the cold weather, but here in Texas, the weather will be just perfect for an outdoor get together.  Many of the neighbors are working together to supply the music, festivities and the holiday treats.  These families have been putting this get together on for years and are true pros when it comes to organizing their cul de sac get together.

One of the ladies was telling me about the tables and chairs that were being supplied and all the planning that was going into setting this up.  It looks like they have thought about just about everything they would ever need to put together a safe, fun and memorable outdoor party with family and friends.  They have everything planned from games for the kids, a bonfire for Smores and buckets of hand sanitizing wipes sitting on the main table alongside the plasic cultlery and festive paper plates.  I always use the hand sanitizer wipes that come out of the rolls at the front entrance of the grocery stores in our area, but I hadn’t thought about incorporating those buckets of hand sanitizer wipes at a party.  This is really a great idea!  One of those buckets of hand santizer wipes could even be carried in the back of my car to use when we are out and about. There have been so many times that we have scrambled inside the car in serach of napkins to take care of spills or to tackle dirty hands after leaving the park.

I am looking forward to attending this party and sharing my favorite Peanut Butter Fudge with the neighbors.  Having the Christmas Party in the cul-de-sac is a great idea because no one person will have to clean up all the mess once all the guests go home.  Everyone in the circle cleans up as much as possible as the party is dwindling down, then they finish cleaning up what is left of the mess the next morning.

Photo Credit:  www.mirror.co.uk

Will you be attending a holiday party this year?  If so, where will your party be?  Will you be bringing a special dish or favorite dessert with you to the party?


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