Tips: Enjoy Throwing a Party

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Does the thought of having an occasion to celebrate fill you with stress rather than excitement?  You might be throwing a party!  While being a hostess is never exactly relaxing, it shouldn’t stress you out to the point that you can’t enjoy the reason you’re having the party in the first place!

Here are a few tips to ensure your next party goes smoothly and everyone, including you, has a good time:

First, think about what you actually want to do, and what is unnecessary. A party really only requires three things 1) people 2) food and drinks 3) music or an activity. That’s it! If you want to go all out on themed decorations that’s great. But if that just stresses you out, don’t bother with it! Just focus on the three things and you will have the perfect recipe for a fun party.

Perhaps the most essential tip to having fun at your own party is starting early. Throwing a party does require some prep, so try to buy all your supplies, clean your house, etc. before the day of the party so you’re relaxed when the party starts, not exhausted.

Next make sure your food, drinks, and activities or music will help you have fun. In other words, make it easy on yourself! Plan foods that are super easy to prepare like chips and dip, charcuterie boards, or a caprese salad. Also make clean-up easy by using disposable plates and silverware and strategically placing a trash bin or two around the house for guests to help you out. Music can also be stress-free with online playlists and activities that can be started or ended with ease.

Finally, once the party starts don’t spend too much time being the hostess, just have fun! If you’re having a good time, chances are your guests are too.

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Will you be throwing a Christmas or New Year’s Eve party at your home this year?

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