Tips: How to Layer Necklaces

If you’ve been looking for a way to bring new life to necklaces you’ve had for years, or to incorporate just-bought pieces into your old ones, why not try layering your jewelry? Pairing necklaces of different lengths is an ideal way to mix and match items that are simple and basic on their own in order to create a style that’s entirely new. Take a look at the following guide by Charming Charlie that outlines exactly how to pair necklaces.

[Infographic] How to Layer Necklaces - Perfect Pairing

For a basic and minimalist look, try wearing gold metal chains of varying lengths together in order to create the appearance of one solid piece. Keep gemstones and dangling elements to a minimum in order to avoid an overdone aesthetic. If you want to play around with shapes and themes, take a few geometric pendant necklaces of the same metal type and complete your style with a bold lip color. To experiment with bohemian flair, couple contrasting metals with earthy elements, such as stone pendants. You can also trying finding more unique stone pendants that vary in color and texture. Follow these tips and you’ll be layering like a pro in no time.

This is the perfect time for this information since the holidays are upon us and many will be looking for the perfect outfit for parties, get togethers and holiday celebrations.  Jewelry can do so much for an outfit, either dress it up or keep it casual. Do you have different jewelry for different occasions or do you have your favorites that you like to wear on a regular basis?

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