Tips to Help Keep Your Skin Healthy


Lotions, creams, makeup, facials, the products for women to use on their skin are endless. These products hype protection, benefits of youthful look and feel to the skin and many other advantages. For many women, some of the most helpful skin tools are overlooked. If you are interested in protecting your skin’s health and keeping it soft, supple and younger looking longer, you need to use these tips that have been gathered specifically for a woman’s unique skin.

Over time your skin will age, just as the rest of your body. Much of the typically visible damage that women are constantly trying to reduce and eliminate, such as lines, surface damage and dark spots can be avoided with one action: avoidance of extended sun exposure. There are other methods that can be used, as well, for optimum skin health, which should be implemented at a young age to ensure skin health and longevity.

Causes and Effects of Aging Skin

The fact is that there a variety of factors that can be blamed for the most common types of signs of aging skin. These include:

Exposure to the Sun

The most common concerns of women for their skin are dryness, age’s spots and wrinkles. The skin under your arm is likely to be smooth and clear from any surface blemishes. Why? The sun exposure that your skin has had over the years. It does make a difference. This does not mean that you cannot enjoy the sun, but protecting your skin is essential.

The official term for this damage is photodamage. This is the ultraviolet light that you come in contact with. Also, the lighter skin you have, the more damage will likely occur. Even small amounts of exposure to sun each day will lead to the development of:

  • Age spots
  • Spidery veins
  • Leathery texture to the skin or dry scaly areas

One of the best ways to protect your skin, even when working out is with the right workout gear. Fabletics offers an entire line of quality clothing that will help protect you from the sun’s harmful rays.

The Natural Gravity Effect

In addition to exposure to sun, women are susceptible to the natural pull of gravity over time. This can cause the furrows and folds of sagging skin. Many women can begin seeing signs of this damage as early as age 30, and if so they may want to read something like these Gundry MD Dark Spot Diminisher reviews in an effort to reverse this. This is because at this age your body is producing elastin and collagen at a slower level, which are the crucial elements that provide the look of supple “bouncy” skin that women are constantly trying to regain.

With years of furrowed brows and gravity, you will begin to see deep lines in the skin, which may be why your mom always told you not to frown! In most cases, once these lines occur the only cures are Botox injections or cosmetic surgery.


One of the biggest differences in men and women’s skin is due to the female hormone estrogen. As you age, the levels of this hormone will decline, which can cause your skin to shrink, dry and cause fine lines. This is not seen as often in men, due to the fact that they do not have a decline in this hormone that affects the skin.

Protecting Your Skin

While a woman’s skin does have some ability to self-repair, it is still crucial that you protect it as much as possible. This will help maintain the healthy supple look that you desire. Some methods of protection include: using sunscreen and moisturizer daily, obtaining prescription cream with Vitamin A that has received FDA approval for the reduction of roughness, age spots and fine wrinkles, use alpha hydroxyl acids and hydroquinone.

You should never allow the sun to reach your unprotected skin or use tanning beds and sunlamps, as this intense light and heat will expedite the aging process. If you currently have extensive skin damage, due to years of abuse, a dermatologist may be able to recommend peels or other treatments that can restore the health to your skin. Preventative protection is the key to healthy looking skin for women of all ages.

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