Unique Holiday Traditions

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There are some holiday traditions shared by millions of families: turkey on Thanksgiving, cookies for Santa, passive aggressive cookie baking and many more. However having a tradition unique to your family can be a memorable way to make the holidays extra special!  As seen above, our family loves the drive thru Christmas Light Parks.

Here are some unique traditions that would be fun to start up with your family:

I know many families that allow the kids to open one gift each on Christmas Eve, however there’s also a very entertaining spin on this. Hide the gift, like an Easter egg, somewhere in the house and turn it into a hunt! Give the kids either clues towards their gift or make it a game of “warmer or colder” to bring some more festivity to Christmas Eve.

Another Christmas Eve tradition that helps keep the little ones from getting too fidgety is to transform Christmas Eve into Pet Christmas! Make your pet its own stocking with an old sock and fill it with new toys and treats for it to enjoy on Pet Christmas, a day before everyone else!

Holiday cards are a great way to keep in touch with far-flung friends, and one way to make yours stand out from the pile is by taking your holiday card picture on Halloween! Just think how memorable zombie Santa, Mrs. Claus, and elves will look on the fridge.

Christmas Gifts

Finally, another fun and functional holiday tradition is “No Parents Night.” Sometime not too far before Christmas turn the kids loose at Grandma and Grandpas for a night, without Mom and Dad (so Mom and Dad can wrap presents! Grandparents and grandchildren can bake cookies, decorate a gingerbread house, make ornaments, or any number of fun festivities while parents get some time to get organized and maybe even squeeze in a date!

Hope you and your families have a wonderful holiday season! Does your family have any fun holiday traditions?

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  1. We used to always open all of the gifts on Christmas Eve because everyone expected us there on Christmas Day and it was too stressful to try and hurry around. This year it’s just me and the kids though, and I’m gonna make ’em wait until Christmas morning. 🙂

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