How We Celebrate Christmas Eve


Today is Christmas Eve as well as my husband Michael’s birthday.  The kids worked on the birthday banner above for two days and suprised him by hanging it up from the living room walk way for him to see once he woke up.  This year he is opening up his first carwash so the kids incorporated cars into his birthday banner.


For years, his parents always made him homemade donuts on the morning of his birthday.  This year they are visiting us so bright and early the donut making process began. The kids helped and had a blast mixing the batter, cutting out the donuts and watching them rise.


Here they are during the frying process.  Travis, the teen, quickly realized that it’s not a good idea to quickly toss the donuts into the hot grease.


Here’s a small batch of donuts after everyone started digging in.  The donuts were fun to eat but the donut holes were definitely the best.  There are still a few donuts left but it is definitely more fun to eat these in the middle of the frying process.  Make a few, let them cool, eat one, then fry another batch!

For the rest of Christmas Eve, we will be spending it eating all the holiday goodies we made:  Chocolate Torte, Peanut Butter Fudge and Sugar Cookies for Santa.  In between munching on all our holiday favorites, I will finish up wrapping all the gifts.  Do you have a special holiday tradition that you follow every year on Christmas Eve.  If so, I’d love to hear about it!

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