How to Winter-Proof Your Face, Hair, and Body


Winter can be quite hard on your skin.  The frigid wind outdoors and the dry heated air indoors are commonly known to sap our summer tans and leave the skin looking dull and lifeless.  Luckily there are several ways to combat this, other than lathering on lotion like a maniac.

First, think inside out.  Stay hydrated!  It cannot be said enough that we don’t drink enough water.  Especially during the cold winter many people consider coffee their lifeblood, however caffeine is actually dehydrating.  Instead of coffee try some nice warm herbal tea, or good old fashioned water to keep your body fresh.

If your skin tends to get so dry that it flakes, start your skin routine with a gentle exfoliation.  This will get rid of all the dead skin, and if you have extra dry skin consider investing in a humidifier for your bedroom.  While these last two tips are optional, this next one definitely is not.  Moisturize!  Even if your skin is oily a non-comedogenic (non pore clogging) moisturizer is a must, especially during the winter.

Hair can also become unruly in the winter, and there are several ways to help this that can be used year-round.  Try to not take super hot showers, just stick to lukewarm.  I can’t always resist a hot shower during the winter, but hot water is in fact dehydrating, so at least follow it up with extra moisture in the form of lotion for your body and serum for your hair.  Also resist using other kinds of heat- the blow dryer and straightener damage your hair, which you may be able to get away with in the summer but not in the winter.

Finally tailor your makeup routine to the elements.  If you’re going to be walking outside be sure to use waterproof mascara if you get watery eyes, and play up the pretty pink cheeks that the wind will give you! It can be tempting to spend winter hiding indoors, but don’t be afraid to get out in the elements with these tips for your skin and hair!

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