Drop Those Added Holiday Pounds


Did you eat too much over the holiday break?  Have you started cutting back on food intake in order to get your pre-holiday figure back?  Do you have a gym membership but are embarrassed about going back to the gym because you allowed yourself to gain so much over the break?

So many times, people are embarrassed about going back to the gym while they are still packing the extra pounds they gained over the holiday.  I can completely understand this because I have found myself in the same situation.  I will tell myself that I will stay home and run the trail for a week before going back to the gym in order to hide the fact that I lost control and gained weight.  Well, this year, it’s cold, and rainy and I know that I will not run the trails so I made myself go back to the gym every day this week, no matter how bad I wanted to stay home.

I am so glad that I went back to the gym right away instead of staying home and prolonging my break away from the gym.  Each day I have taken my Advocare supplements, watched my food intake and have went to the gym for one of my hour fitness classes.  Each day I have dropped off a portion of my weight gain and am gradually returning to “previous me” before the days of banana bread, chocolate cookies, peanut butter fudge and more peanut butter fudge!  It’s fun to eat your favorite foods and celebrate the holiday, but once that is over, it’s time to hop back on that train and get those added pounds off.  What’s easily gained, can be easily dropped if you do it quickly.  The longer you postpone this, the harder it will be to drop those added holiday pounds.

Get to moving!! You can do it!!

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