Gyms Are Slam Packed This Month

gym class

If you will be going to a gym in January, you need to plan ahead to be early.  This week the gym has been swamped with people.  Yesterday I couldn’t find a parking spot and today, all the floor mats were taken before class has started.

The gym is always jam packed at the beginning of the year.  Some of those new comers decide to stay active, while others drop their gym memberships after awhile.  For me, the gym is part of my lifestyle.  I like to eat  my favorite foods without gaining weight, so this exercise for me is necessary.  The more I move, the more I can eat.  Yes, I can still drop weight or maintain my weight without the gym, but I am happier when I can eat more food throughout the day.

When I really want to drop weight, I focus on getting to the gym five days a week and then try to walk a bit over the weekends, but when I am happy with my weight, I shoot for three days a week at the gym.  Going to the gym is important for me due to a knee surgery I had a few years ago.  As long as my knee is active and moving, I feel great.  If I slack off and stop working my knee, it will cause me to limp and will begin to feel like a concrete block.  This can happen in a short period of time, so for me, the gym is a lifestyle change.

Do you attend a gym?  Are you thinking about getting a gym membership?

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