Houston Area Must See Attractions

Houston Skyline

Planning a visit to Houston?  Having a friend come to visit Houston?  Just want to do some exploring?  Here are some great places to go in the Houston area!

Houston has many world-renowned art museums if you’re looking for an afternoon of high culture.  The Houston Museum of Fine Arts, the Menil Collection, and the Rothko Chapel all hold beautiful works of art, however one of my favorite art museums to visit is a little more unusual.  Houston also has an ArtCar Museum!  You may have heard of, or even seen the annual ArtCar parade in Houston that features cars transformed into chickens, rocket ships, peacocks, shoes, and everything else you can imagine.  It’s a classic Houston tradition that happens every spring, but if you can’t make it to the actual parade you can see some of the cars in the ArtCar Museum!


Perhaps this next one is an obvious choice, but my neighbor has been living near Houston for fifteen years and never visited this place until last year- the Space Center!  It’s a little outside of Houston but it is one hundred percent worth the drive and the entrance fee.  Where else can you go the learn about history and see into the future?!  Space is mind-blowing if you want to be amazed visit the Space Center Houston.

Another fun thing to do near Houston is to go the a “pick your own” farm!  There are several farms all around Houston that allow you to pick their harvest, and take whatever you’ve picked home with you.  Summer is an especially fruitful time to do this, with berries ripe for picking and then eating or turning into jam or baking into a pie!

Finally, another landmark you’ve probably driven by many times but maybe haven’t stopped to appreciate- Buffalo Bayou.  Along the bayou you can observe some wildlife (hawks, owls, and bats call this city home too), view some cool sculptures, and try to find the secret red button (Google it).  Enjoy this beautiful scenery by foot on the walking trails, or rent a bicycle or a kayak tour if you’re feeling adventurous!

These are some of my favorite hidden gems in Texas, what are some of yours?

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