What Are Your New Year’s Day Plans?


Happy New Year everyone!  Last night we made everyone’s favorite appetitizers, watched an old Star Wars movie and spent time together.  It was definitely a great way to close out 2015.  Now it’s time for everyone to focus on our New Year’s Resolutions and work on getting our Christmas decorations put away which I truly dread.  I love watching our Christmas Tree twinkle at night time, but I hate hauling it back up into the attic.  This year I had many strands of lights that needed to be thrown away but I was able to make them work one more year.  So, once the strands of lights come off the step railings, they are being thrown away.  I am going to make myself a note to keep myself organized listing any decorations that need to be bought in order to replace the items that will be tossed out when I start putting away the decorations.  This note is going on my December 2016 calendar so I don’t get any suprises when it’s time to put the decorations up again.

Elf Tree

Did you have all the decorations you needed this year or did you find yourself at the store picking up lights, ornament hangers, etc. in the middle of your Christmas Tree decorating?  We bought a pre-lit Christmas Tree a few years ago and half of the lights have fizzled out on us.  I dread the day when I sit down to cut all these lights off this tree.  I bought it because it was the perfect tree for our living room, except for the pre-lit part.  Sometimes I think real trees would be a better option, but my husband is allergic to them, so fake tree it is!

Top Photo Credit:  www.redmapleinn.com

What kind of tree do you put up?  Which kind of tree do you prefer?

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