Opening An Office Requires Time & Patience


Our GFY Express Car wash project is now underway.  The trees have been cleared on the lot and the building and equipment are being planned out.  Even though the car wash building isn’t constructed yet, there is tons of paperwork and planning still ahead.

We are opening an office for employees so that we can have a meeting place and office space for those who will be working in the office on payroll, etc.  We have found the office space and signed the lease but there are still many things that we must do before we can move into the office.

  • The office management requires us to carry insurance and will not hand over the key until we can show the insurance certificate.
  • Security has to be set up and the appointment for that has been set up.  This system will be accessible through our phones for easy access.
  • Business internet is a whole new ballgame when compared with residential services.  If you are planning on opening an office, make sure to contact the business internet company in advance.  This process could take over two weeks to get into place.  An office without internet service will not be very helpful.
  • As far as the electricity, a phone call to the electrical provider is quite simple.
  • Move in day can be challenging if the office complex has rules about move in times.  It makes it tough when the office complex only wants after hour move ins and the office furniture company closes at 5 pm.
  • The office complex may also require you to turn in vehicle information, such as licence plate numbers, make and models of the vehicles that will require parking spaces while at the office.
  • Don’t forget office items such as computers, printers, phone lines, servers, etc.  Also, is your breakroom ready?  Do you have a fridge or microwave for the employees?
  • As far as office keys, have you decided how many keys to hand out?  Make sure to check in with the office complex on this issue.  Our office complex will only allow us to hand out keys that they have copied, which go for $15 per key.

Still lots to do, but we’re getting there.   Hopefully the GFY Express Car Wash office will be up and running the first week of February.

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