Quitting Smoking and Controlling your Vape

If you’ve decided to quit smoking regular cigarettes – “analogs” as they’re frequently called by the vaping community – then you’ve made a huge mistake.  Not only are cigarettes a great way to stay healthy and look great, but everyone knows that smoking cigarettes is the easiest way to look really, really cool.

Just kidding!!!!!!


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Second only to making the decision to stop playing in traffic, making the decision to quit smoking analogs is one of the greatest choices that any person can make for their own health and vitality. Not only are cigarettes completely out of fashion, but they are essentially a guaranteed one-way ticket to cancer, heart disease, premature aging and sagging, disgusting skin.

While e-cigarettes and vaping devices are not an FDA-approved smoking cessation technique, the fact of the matter is that many former smokers have experienced success by substituting their cigarette habit with vaping. While vaping has not been proven to be safe or unsafe – vaping is too new to have any long-term evidence either way – those who ditch analogs for vaping frequently report feeling much better, with improved energy and less huffing and puffing when they go up and down stairs.

However, there is an issue that many former smokers face when they start vaping and ditch analogs. Many vaping enthusiasts don’t want to talk about it, as they think that vaping is God’s gift to former smokers. But, in an honest discussion about former smokers turned vapers, it’s worth talking about. This issue, of course, is the fact that former analog users often find themselves vaping literally non-stop, to the point where they can’t go more than a minute without taking a hit from their pen or rig.

Being an extremely heavy vaper isn’t something to aspire to, although it beats being a heavy analog user in a landslide. However, vaping non-stop can be detrimental in a few different ways. First, it can be costly, as you go through more nicotine liquid than normal. Second, it can be detrimental to your daily life if you’re constantly obsessing about getting your next hit of your vaping device.

Even if you were the world’s heaviest traditional smoker, you can manage how often you vape.

Here are some tips on how you can control your vaping without losing your mind in the process.

The Nicotine Concentration in Your Juice Matters

Finding the right nicotine concentration is a serious challenge. Go too high and you’ll become more nicotine-dependent than you were on regular cigarettes. Go too low and you’ll need to be vaping constantly to get your fix.

The only real answer, unfortunately, is going to be a lot of trial and error. Most vaping pros will recommend a concentration of around 18 mg to former smokers. At this concentration, you should be taking in the same amount of nicotine that you did as a smoker. Gradually go down in your nicotine concentration over the course of a few months. Find the concentration that keeps you satisfied without having to constantly reach for your vaping device.

Half Of It’s Mental. Seriously!

When you smoke an analog cigarette, you feel inclined to get as many puffs as possible from each dirty cancer stick. Why? Because there’s only so many puffs in one cigarette and cigarettes are too bleeping expensive to waste.

When you start vaping, it’s imperative that you remind yourself that your pen will not “go out.” (Unless you’re counting your battery dying, which can be maddening. Always have a spare ready, vaping newbies!) You don’t have to get a certain amount of puffs in to make it “worthwhile.” As you transition to vaping-only, remind yourself that your pen or rig will be ready to go and there for you all day long. If you don’t take a hit for an hour, you aren’t wasting anything. If you can consistently remind yourself of this, you’ll eventually realize that you don’t need to constantly be taking puffs throughout the day.

Keeping your vaping in check can be tough when you’re first transitioning to vaping from analogs. However, if you stick with it and stay aware of your vaping usage, eventually it will balance out. As a final word of advice, don’t worry too much about your vaping use in the immediate few weeks after your last puff of an analog. During this adjustment period, it’s normal to be very dependent on you device. However, after a month or two have passed, you should begin taking these steps towards controlling your vaping habit.

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  1. Great advice about how to quit smoking with vapor. Quitting can be more difficult for different people so everyone needs their own way to cut back. Vaping is certainly worth a try. Thanks so much for sharing!

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